Paying tribute to the greatest Billboard hits from one of the most influential and musically diverse eras ever, THE 70’s PROJECT takes you on a spectacular trip back to the 1970’s and the quintessential musical styles that defined an era and inspired a generation. From Peter Frampton to Wild Cherry, from American Pie to That’s The Way, uh huh uh huh, THE 70’s PROJECT recreates a truly magical musical experience that will have you singing, dancing and longing for your bell bottoms and lava lamps once again! So come on an adventure back in time to the magnificent and colorful 1970’s with, THE 70’s PROJECT!!

The 70's Project at The Majestic Theater

The 70's Project at The Majestic Theater

John Pel - Drums, Percussion and Vocal

John started studying drumming at age 6 and received a scholarship at age 9 to continue his studies at a local music school. He continued his studies throughout his school years, college and privately, and continues to study to this day especially in the area of "World Music." He started playing professionally at age 14, and teaching privately and within the public school systems at 18. He has performed nationally with Lucky Peterson, Dick Curliss, Kenny Neal, Native Vibe and The Temptations Review. He has also toured internationally as a drum/tech consultant with Foreigner, P!NK, and Cher.

John is a seasoned session player, songwriter, and avid performer in all musical styles and genres. He makes his home in Connecticut, digs the craft beer movement, Cuban and African music, pasta, cappuccino and his psychedelic shirts...far out...

John plays Gretsch drums, Montineri snare drums and Zildjian cymbals, and uses Vic Firth sticks. 



Bob 'Papa C' Casinghino - Keyboards, Guitar, Bass & Vocals

Yup, he is the Papa of the group or better stated the oldest!  Which means he has lots of experience playing Piano, Hammond B3, Singing, Bass, and Guitar. 

Bob has performed with the likes of Hal Blaine, Kool & The Gang, Lani Kazan, and R&B hit makers, Xavier, to name a few.  Bob is also a prolific songwriter having songs on radio, in movies and used worldwide in commercials and more.

He is also the owner of FRESH Music, a Music Sound Library which he does a lot of writing, producing and cleaning the bathrooms for. Check it out at   

But most of all ‘Papa’ likes to bring fun, humor and good vibes to the stage backed with solid performances.  Whether singing a classic ballad or impersonating Elton John, ‘Papa’ keeps it real!!

But ‘Papa’ also likes to be philosophical saying, “Music can save the world in my opinion - We just all have to start listening to it together, whatever we listen to individually, and allow it's energy to heal the world!!"  So come along with the old guy and have a great fun filled time of music, laughter, dance and world healing!!!

Mike Stocking - Bass, Guitar and Vocals

Mike grew up in Middletown, CT where he takes pride in the fact that he was the neighborhood brat... He  started playing drums in the 5th grade and soon after joined the school and church choruses as he also loved to sing. He made the switch to guitar at age 13 but realized, well, he sucked, and the fact that the neighborhood band needed a bass player, he changed over to bass. He has excelled ever since and played with all the local cover and original bands.

When Mike was 26, his mom's passing made him start to actively pursue his Native American roots which he still does to this day. Mike is a seasoned and avid performer, a member of several Native communities, sings with his brothers from Maine, the RezDogs, and holds down the high end vocals for the band, which he attributes to his church choir days. He digs his seventies clothes, a good beer and a great Pow Wow! His favorite quote is "What's the boom, boom stand for? A boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!"          -Freddy "boom, boom" Washington (from Welcome Back, Kotter).

Dave Brunette - Guitars and Vocals

Dave got his first taste of music at age 8 with percussion and the clarinet and then discovered his love affair with the guitar at age 12. He has played in various local and regional rock bands ever since and even has his own band simply called "The Dave Brunette Band." Dave is an accomplished session player and live performer, and has his own studio where he recorded his own voice to be used on the ever so popular NO, YES, SORRY, and MAYBE buttons.

Dave plays many different guitars and you can find him constantly recording in his studio. He LOVES the music from the 70's, always has a Diet Coke with Lemon and no ice for the show and spends his mornings eating kryptonite with Grandpa McCoy. We also think he holds the record for the most viewings of Spaceballs....

A Brief History of How We Evolved Into: THE 70's PROJECT